Meet the team

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Emma is in her fourth year in the Chemical Engineering program, working on a minor in sociology. She has completed two terms at Toyota, and a one-year placement with Sanofi. She will be returning to RyeChemU as Co-President for the Winter Semester. She has been a member of the course union for the past three years, serving as VP Communications, VP Operations, and President. She is very proud of the work the course union does to help out her fellow students, and is very excited that the course union finally has office space! In her spare time, Emma likes painting, binge watching TV, and crying during Marvel movies. Emma hopes to create a friendly and engaging environment for all students and encourages everyone to reach out to her if they have questions about the program, the course union, or what to watch next on Netflix.

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Amy is a fourth-year student in chemical engineering and one of your Co-Presidents for the 2020-2021 year. She is currently pursuing a minor in law, and is considering going to law school post-graduation! She is secretly enjoying quarantine because she's been seriously improving her baking skills. She also loves to watch hockey and is a huge Toronto Maple Leafs fan! She wants to successfully represent the voice of the chemical engineering community at Ryerson, so please let her know if you ever have any questions, concerns, or ideas for new events!

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Ilya is in his third year in the Chemical Engineering program, currently on a 12 month co-op placement with Sanofi Pasteur. He will be serving as the RyeChemU Vice President Operations for the upcoming 2020-2021 academic year. Some of his prior experience within the Chemical Engineering department include being the Vice President of Operations for Chem-E-Car 2019-Present, Ryerson’s first ever design team founded by chemical engineers. In addition, he has served as the Event Coordinator for the Canadian Society for Chemical Engineers this past year and plans to move on and become the Director of Events for the upcoming year. In his spare time, Ilya loves to cook, listen to smooth jazz, read a good book and dance (any genre but prefers all time classics). Ilya aims to bridge the gap between chemical engineering students and the industry by offering much needed resources and innovative workshops. Feel free to reach out to him to discuss questions regarding the program, the course union or simply to hang out.




Muhammad Afnan is currently in his second-year of the Chemical Engineering program and was selected to co-represent VP Academic for RyeChemU in the 2020-2021 year. With goals to make the academic experience enjoyable, he hopes to assist with the preparation of different events and bring opportunities to connect chemical engineering students at Ryerson. He wishes to pursue a career in the petrochemical sector, which is reflected by his involvement in Ryerson Chem-E-Car’s Battery team. In his spare time, he enjoys working on entrepreneurship, playing Plato with friends, cooking terribly and sleeping religiously. Feel free to reach out to him for any questions, or if you would just like to chat!




Aliyah is entering their third year in the Chemical Engineering program, as RyeChemU’s VP Academic for the Winter 2021 semester. They hope to provide more academic resources and events for all chemical engineering students while working alongside the other executives.

You can most likely catch them studying or completing lab reports, working towards their minor in computer science, and on the odd occasion playing rhythm games. Feel free to contact them if you have any questions or concerns!




Hi! I’m Matthew and I’m entering my second year at Ryerson. I’m VP Social for the winter term and I’m lowkey nervous but excited to see how this year will turn out!! In 2019, I was a first year rep so I have experience being in the course union. I come off as shy but I’m pretty chill once you get to know me. In my spare time I love watching movies and hanging out with my friends and I love bubble tea and ice coffee so don’t be surprised if I show up to a meeting with one. Can’t wait to meet you all!!!!




Piraveena is in her third year of the Chemical Engineering program and she is RyeChemU’s VP Social for the 2020 - 2021 academic year. She has just finished a 16-month co-op term at Sanofi Pasteur and is ready to tackle the mass transfer semester that she’s been dreading to take. In her spare time, Piraveena enjoys watching Netflix, sleeping, day dreaming about traveling the world, spending time with friends, and watching more Netflix (her favorite shows include Money Heist, You and Brooklyn 99). As this year’s VP Social she is excited to run events and activities that allow students to build connections and create memories beyond the 4 walls of a classroom. Feel free to reach out to her if you have any questions, concerns or ideas. 

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Leilani is in her fourth year in the Chemical Engineering program, currently completing a minor in biology. She will be joining RyeChemU as Vice President Finance for the 2020/2021 academic year. She has over 2 years of work experience in various roles at Sanofi Pasteur and CIBC and is excited to use this professional and financial experience to bring more career development opportunities and resources to connect the students with the industry through effective budgeting and resource management. In her spare time, she likes spending time with friends, baking, going to the gym and learning new things. Leilani is excited to have the opportunity to be a part of the course union and encourages anyone to reach out to her if they have any questions or would just like to chat.




Meet Julia Costantino, VP Outreach for the 2020/2021 year! She is in her third year of Chemical Engineering and has great plans for the year. Her plans include communicating directly with industry professionals to organize sponsored events, virtually and in-person, as well as, giving all chemical engineering students a chance to dive deeper into what working in industry would be like. When she is not studying or checking emails 24/7, you can find her in her kitchen baking anything from pecan pie to a decadent three layer chocolate cake. As for the future, Julia is guided towards working for a sustainable-based company, as she strives to save the environment.




Maxwell is currently in his second year studying chemical engineering at Ryerson. He is the vice president of marketing for both the fall 2020 semester as well as the winter 2021 semester. This will be Max’s second year working with the course union as he was the first year rep in the fall 2019 semester. In his spare time, Max loves cooking, playing rhythm games, and listening to music. Max will be managing the course union’s social media and making sure that its events can be made known to as many Ryerson students as possible.